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My Bookmarx 04/30/2012

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My Bookmarx 04/28/2012

  • “Workers at a Chinese factory owned by Foxconn, Apple Inc’s main manufacturer, threatened to jump off the roof of a building in a protest over wages just a month after the two firms announced a landmark agreement on improving working conditions.”

    tags: china workers Foxconn apple protests capitalism

  • “This month marks the 20th anniversary of one of the fiercest urban uprisings in U.S. history–the Los Angeles Rebellion. At the time, politicians and the media focused on the property damage that took place. They did their best to discredit the uprising as “wanton destruction” and “mob brutality” carried out by “criminals” and “gangs.””

    tags: USA uprising race racism police_brutality courts

    • THE LA Rebellion was sparked by the unbelievable acquittal–by an all-white jury–of four white cops who had viciously beaten Rodney King, an unemployed, Black construction worker. There was no question of the cops’ guilt. An onlooker had captured the entire beating on videotape, which was replayed on televisions around the country.
  • “In my career as a psychologist, I have talked with hundreds of people previously diagnosed by other professionals with oppositional defiant disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, anxiety disorder and other psychiatric illnesses, and I am struck by (1) how many of those diagnosed are essentially anti-authoritarians, and (2) how those professionals who have diagnosed them are not.”

    tags: Anti-Authoritarians psychology mental_health

    • I have found that most psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals are not only extraordinarily compliant with authorities but also unaware of the magnitude of their obedience. And it also has become clear to me that the anti-authoritarianism of their patients creates enormous anxiety for these professionals, and their anxiety fuels diagnoses and treatments.
  • “The newly formed Student Anarchist Federation is the culmination of 3 New England Gatherings in Boston. The first meeting had students from over 12 schools and 4 cities. Continual work has produced the following document as a basis for organization.”

    tags: anarchism anarchists students organization

  • “It’s complicated,” claimed Shell on their Facebook page today in response to the barrage of messages Amnesty activists have been leaving them on Facebook, Twitter and via email demanding they own up, clean up and pay up their mess in the Niger Delta.”

    tags: oil environment corporations Shell_corp Niger_Delta amnesty

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Letters From The Underground

I have long written of discrimination, abuse and xenophobia as suffered by others; from Blacks in Libya to Muslims in the United States of America. But nothing could prepare me for this piece, one which will attempt to humbly relay what little information I am permitted to discuss, covering a lawsuit against the restaurant chain known as the International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

After my father, Hussein ‘Joseph’ Chamseddine, lead plaintiff in the discrimination suit against IHOP, spoke at a press conference on April 18 both local and international media networks were engrossed with the case; from Good Morning America, The Daily Mail (UK), The Huffington Post, CBS, toFOX, NBC and the New York Post

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My Bookmarx 04/27/2012

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My Bookmarx 04/24/2012

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My Bookmarx 04/23/2012

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سنــــــــــــــــــــ إنسـانية ــــــــــــــــــائيات

عندما يصبح المجني عليه جانيا والجاني مجنيا عليه

تبدأ القصة بأنه هناك حوالي 14 من مصابي الثورة يقطنون بأحد العقارات بحي التجمع الاول ، وهو العقار الذي يحوي وحدات سكنية يفترض انهم في طريقهم لانهاء اجراءات سكناهم بها وذلك بعدما اصدر المجلس الاعلي للقوات المسلحة مرسوم 28 باحقيتهم ف تسلم وحدات سكنية من الدولة كمصابين ثورة ، وتلاها ذهابهم لجهاز القاهرة الجديدة للسؤال عن احقيتهم ف استلام وحدات سكنية كمصابين ثورة والذي بدوره أخبرهم بأنه هناك عقارين ضمن عقارات جهاز القاهرة الجديدة مخصصين للكوارث وانه يمكنهم الانتقال اليها بمحضر استلام تم تحريره بواسطة العقيد هشام ، ولكن مع ضرورة استمرار محاولاتهم ف اتمام اجراءات التخصيص او الجوابات الرسمية التي تثبت احقيتهم في هذه الوحدات السكنية بشكل رسمي.

وبالفعل انتقلوا اليها بتاريخ 15 مارس الماضي واصبح العقار يضم ف جملته 14 اسرة من مصابي الثورة بالاضافة الي شقتان تسكنهما اسرتان تعملان ف نظافة العقارات والجراجات تحت مظلة الجهاز اي ( جهاز القاهرة الجديدة )

وفي السادسة صباحا…

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